Sailing Sojourns

Coming 2022 and Beyond. Rediscover the Age of Sail! Our Sailing Sojourns will let you relive the glory days of sailing ships by coming aboard and sailing in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and to destinations unknown! We are developing one-of-a-kind sailing adventures where you will live and sail like a Caribbean pirate in the 17th Century and cruise the Mediterranean Sea by sail as in the days of antiquity.

Pirates Return! We will begin with sailing charters in the Caribbean in 2022 and explore pirate strongholds, lairs, and hideouts. Explore the history of colonial battles with the pirates, search for long-lost treasure, and become one with your pirate clan. Roam land and sea during the day, learn about the real lives of pirates from our pirate historian, and feel that connection to the sea. From the Bahamas to the Virgin Islands to the Cayman Islands, we are creating bucket list adventures you’ll find nowhere else.

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Coral Reef Adventures will be our second sailing theme with snorkel and dive-inspired sails to the top destinations around the Caribbean. From the Virgin Islands and Saba to Bonaire and Tobago Cays, we will explore the beauty, marine life, and, ecology of these natural wonders. Join in contests to visually document the reefs with video and photos, learn from our onboard marine biologist, and become an ocean conservationist while having the aquatic adventure of a lifetime!

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Bringing History to Life. Later, we will charter and conduct sails that bring textbook history to life. Embark on a cross-Atlantic voyage and go on a Middle Passage voyage to Africa to understand the history and horrors of slavery. Return to the heyday of sailing in the Mediterranean and explore the peoples and places where sailing began and evolved. From Portugal and Spain to Cyprus and the Nile River region, retrace the paths of the sailors sailing, fighting, and conquering for the nation-states of the sea!

Ocean Science For All. During all of our adventures, we are developing plans to contribute to ocean science and learning by collecting sea samples, documenting our travels, and contributing useful scientific data to the study of the seas. We will strive to collaborate with ocean scientists, marine biologists, and ocean expert to develop robust plan to make meaningful contributions to the study of coral reefs, ocean chemistry, marine life, and the effects of climate change on the ocean.

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